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Social Action Sandwich Ministry

Through our Street Sandwich Ministry, we will help the homeless at the South Park Inn Shelter in Hartford by making and delivering sandwiches once a month on an ongoing basis. To this end, we need a minimum of 15 volunteers per month to make sandwiches, using one loaf (or more) of sliced bread, and deliver them to the Saint Thomas the Apostle Church Parish Center kitchen refrigerator on the third Tuesday of the month between 9am to 6pm. A Committee member delivers our sandwiches to South Park Inn.
Details for preparing sandwiches: Ingredients: • One loaf of white or wheat sliced bread (makes 10-12 sandwiches) • One pound of cold cuts: ham, turkey, or bologna • One pound of American cheese • One plastic sandwich bag per sandwich NO CONDIMENTS OR END SLICES, PLEASE. Instructions:

  1. Make each sandwich and place it in a plastic sandwich bag.
  2. Return sandwiches to the plastic bread bag.
  3. Mark the plastic bread bag: “Ham and Cheese,” “Turkey and Cheese,” or “Bologna and Cheese.” Also write the sandwich count on the plastic bread bag. (Please use a permanent marker, if possible.)
  4. Deliver sandwiches to the Saint Thomas the Apostle Church Parish Center kitchen and place them in the refrigerator on the third Tuesday of the month, between 8a.m. and 6 p.m South Park Inn distributes approximately 160 sandwiches per day. They are used for lunches, late meals, walk-ins, and to feed people under bridges. The residents are deeply grateful for our help. They often shout out with sincerity, “God bless you,” when we make the deliveries.
    Please sign up for the month you are available to make sandwiches by completing a sign-up slip and inserting it into the locked box located on the table at the entrance in back of the church. You may indicate willingness to be on an email list for monthly reminders if you wish to be a regular or periodic contributor. Please call, John Bach Committee member, at (860) 335-5089, to make other delivery arrangements, if the 8a.m. to 6 p.m. time period is inconvenient for you.
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