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"SERVE" Lenten Theme for Week of March 12

Walking the Way of Christ This year the parish staff and I have chosen the following theme for Lent 2017: “Lent- an opportunity not to give up but to take on.” By this we mean a 40 Day walk with Christ during which time we make a deliberate effort to Give, Serve, Thank, Fast, Pray and Reflect in the manner of Jesus Christ.

Each week we will provide you with the week’s theme and suggestions on ways that you can follow that theme at home, at work, or at school. My prayer is that this Lent will bring us closer to the love of Christ expressed in our love for each other. Each weekend, we invite you to write down what acts of love and grace you "took up" the prior week. Hearts will be available in the back of the church before and after each Mass during Lent and will be displayed at Easter. SERVE: God Values Everyone equally and immensely. When we express this to each other we are experiencing life with more love. This week challenges you to think critically about how your actions value other.

Some suggestions on ways that you can serve those around you: • Put your family first and serve their needs before your own. You’re probably shaking your head, thinking you already do this, which is incredible if you do! So think about ways that you can step it up a notch. Is there something on your husband’s to do list that he’s been meaning to do, but just hasn’t found the time. If you’re able, do the task for him, or if it’s something beyond your abilities, then ask him how you can help to complete the task. See what your parents, siblings or even children are in desire of. Maybe it’s more attention or they could need assistance with other tasks around the house, such as chores or repairs. Take note and then act on areas you notice could use a helping hand or where you could take care of a worry yourself. • Lift up a coworker. Often times you see these people more than you see your own family. They are the people that you spend 40 hours a week with and collaborate/commiserate with on a variety of projects. These individuals should not be overlooked in your life. So find ways that you can support one another, be it grabbing breakfast for your team or office (donuts or muffins…or even just granola bars) or offering to pick something up for them as you run to the bank on your lunch hour. Encouraging them will aid in your relationship as co-workers, but also as human beings. • Is there someone at church that you know could use a little help or encouragement? Is there a recent widow who could use some company or a family who recently had a baby that could use a babysitter? How about a single man or woman who could use a word of encouragement during what is sometimes a lonely time in their life? Take a look around you and see how you can touch their life and allow your life to be touched as well!