Thank you for considering St. Thomas the Apostle Church in your charitable giving. In addition to the support received through the offertory collection at mass, parishioners and friends of St. Thomas the Apostle can support the work of the Church through other means.

Online Giving

Saint Thomas The Apostle can now receive online donations for all of the activities and services currently supported by offertory collections at mass, including special collections supporting the ministries of the Archdiocese of Hartford. Donations can be made as a one-time gift, or as a recurring contribution either weekly, monthly, annually, or some other time incremement of your choosing.

Where should I go to give Online

Please visit for more information.

How do I give in my will?

You can remember the church of Saint Thomas The Apostle in your Will by using the following language:

"I give [insert amount or other named items] to The Church of Saint Thomas the Apostle, 872 Farmington Avenue, West Hartford, Connecticut, 06119."

How my gift will be used?

You may indicate if you would like us to use your gift to be restricted to support a specific program or service we offer, or if you would like your gift to be applied to a particular ministry or activity. The Church of Saint Thomas the Apostle will use unrestricted gifts where they are most needed.

Other Kinds of Planned Giving

You may wish to name the Church of Saint Thomas the Apostle as a beneficiary or as a secondary beneficiary of an insurance policy or qualified retirement plan. Additional planned giving options exist under current tax laws that may have immediate tax benefits for you, your family, and your estate. Some of these options continue to provide you with income during your lifetime while offering significant tax benefits. Your attorney or accountant can provide the most accurate advice on estate planning for your personal situation and charitable intentions.

Targeted Gifts

The Church of Saint Thomas the Apostle welcomes targeted gifts. A targeted gift includes all monies received, which are earmarked for a specific purpose. Donors often give money with the intention of supporting a specific Church activity or a specific Church need. The Church of Saint Thomas the Apostle accepts these targeted gifts with the promise that the funds will be used according to the donor’s wishes. Targeted gifts include gifts made during the donor’s lifetime or as part of the donor’s will or trust.

If you are interested in making a targeted gift to support an activity or need please speak with Father Moran or call Anna Sanzari at 860-233-8269, or email her at

Commemorative or Memorial Gifts

If you would like to honor a special person, please consider making your gift “in honor of” or “in memory of”. This is a wonderful way to celebrate, honor, and show respect for an individual who has impacted your life. We will be happy to send a card of recognition to the person or family you have honored. Please contact Anna Sanzari for additional information (860-233-8269, or email her at

Further Support

If you have any questions or would like additional information on supporting our parish through your estate plan, please email Anna Sanzari or call Saint Thomas the Apostle Church at 860-233-8269.