Calling To Married Life

Now more than ever this is a courageous decision, and it is a great testimony to your faith in each other that you believe that your love can in fact “hope all things and endure all things.” Our Catholic faith teaches us that marriage is essentially a lifelong commitment to love each other “just as Christ has loved each one of us.” Most recently Pope John Paul II defined marriage as “a school of love” wherein we go through each other’s hearts to the very heart of God.


The process for getting married here at Saint Thomas the Apostle Parish amounts to about five to six meetings. The first stage of the marriage preparation process involves meeting with a priest here in this parish. The purpose of these meetings is to discuss your marriage which will involve at least three meetings. The second stage involves meeting with the Music Ministry to discuss the wedding ceremony. The final stage is your wedding rehearsal which usually happens on the evening prior to your wedding day. Please note that weddings during the months of July and August are held in our air conditioned lower chapel.


Each of us here hopes that the months ahead will be a blessed time for you to grow in your understanding and appreciation of the vocation to married life that God has given you. Our goal at Saint Thomas the Apostle parish is to encourage and support you in your preparing not only for the celebration of your marriage but also for a lifelong relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. This is great time in your life and this is a good place to begin the celebration of your married life.

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