St. Thomas the Apostle School is celebrating our 80th year of scholarship, spirituality and service to students in Pre-Kindergarten through grade 5. We are a strong community of many faiths, cultures, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds committed to educational excellence in the Roman Catholic tradition. We recognize parents and guardians as the primary educators of their children. With this in mind, we offer them the opportunity to participate in various aspects of school life. Together we encourage personal responsibility and respect for others as we guide children to become independent members of a global society.

As a school committed to the development of the whole child, we are dedicated to helping children realize their fullest potential as independent learners and critical thinkers. Each grade level has age-appropriate, traditional and innovative programs that incorporate a variety of talents and abilities while fostering spiritual and moral growth.

Please contact Diane Klingman in our Admissions Office to learn more about our school and programs, and to schedule a visit either by email or call (860)236-6257.